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May 12th Zac shared her story

"Tom Clay the DJ" at

 "Last Night a DJ Saved My Life" at Nerdmelt - The Nerdologues

in a new web series

Zachary Barton as Junior Ray and Demetrius Grosse as Bayard Rustin  

Premiering at the LA Film Festival





Zachary is proud to contribute to this 
new viral video from 
Brave New Films

Winter 2016/17!

Summer 2015

Spring 2016

Winter 2015

Come on in!

Meet Sugar Mama,  Yvonne George 



Karimah Westbrook, Angela Gibbs and Zachary Barton

A kick-ass, middle-aged, vigilante super hero (sort of)!


Spring 2015

Zachary Barton

Watch Trailer HERE

Summer 2013
"Zachary Barton emanates intelligence and compassion."  -- LA Weekly

"Barton successfully channels Ehrenreich's wry sense of humor at all the right moments."   -- 

"Zachary Barton embodies the role of Barbara with intelligence and heartfelt commitment. Barton’s earthy demeanor and courageous frankness make her character admirable and believable."  --

"Zachary Barton is stellar as the protagonist... Barton expertly expresses Barbara/Barb’s smoldering outrage. The veteran stage actress ... is simply splendid and outstanding as the writer who proudly proclaims early in the play: 'I’m a radical.'" -- LAProgressive

Nickel and Dimed
by Joan Holden
based on the book by Barbara Ehrenreich

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Zac filmed with Amy Adams and Patricia Clarkson in Sharp Objects, HBO’s eight-episode drama series adapted by Marti Noxon (UnReal) from the book by Gillian Flynn (Gone Girl) and directed by Jean Marc Vallée (Big Little LIes, Dallas Buyers Club).

Spring/Summer 2014

AdvoCat! Is Unleashed!

About a woman trying to find a woman. For a man.


Tamika Miller


Zachary will be seen in 
All The Way
with Bryan Cranston as LBJ

Zac plays one of twelve Grand Jurors deliberating whether to indict, or not indict, a Police Officer who allegedly kills a man during an arrest.

For Commercial Inquiries

See Zac in "Denver" Episode with Louie Anderson on FX




is making news!


Zachary Barton is a crusader. If you're looking for a fighter -- low-class or high, hippie or honcho -- you've found one. She's an aspiring pacifist with a quick temper and when she's not acting she's teaching playwriting in prisons or the projects. When she's not doing that she's marching on Washington or fighting to keep the libraries open. Oh, and she's fair. And funny. A fair, funny fighter. Go figure.

Karimah Westbrook, Alimi Ballard and Zachary Barton

Exciting new projects coming soon!  But they're secret for now so stay tuned!

What happens when a borderline crazy cat lady sees a pet neglected?

Now showing at the 
PBS Online Film Festival

Winter 2013
Official Selections of
Dances With Films 2014

Cinequest Film Festival 2014
Vancouver International Film Festival 2013
Louisville International Festival of Films 2013
St. Louis International Film Festival 2013

Flatland Film Festival 2013

Spring 2013



A battle of wills between a worldly activist, Bayard Rustin, and the small town waitress who refused to serve him